FOSSLC OpenStreetMap Talk

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Presentations, Uncategorized
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Yesterday I gave my “Intro to OpenStreetMap” talk at FOSSLC in Ottawa. I think the talk went well, no one threw things at me. My slides are available here.

The talks where recorded. I’ll post a URL to the recording as soon as they are put online.

I was surprised at the number of other talks that mentioned OpenStreetMap in one way or another. It is nice to see that the word is getting out there. Unfortunately the the map displayed in the closing session to show attendees how to get from the lecture hall to the restaurant for the dinner/pub night was not based on OpenStreetMap data.

Github and Ingres bought beer and food for us after the conference. They both deserve a thumbs up.

Update: A video of the talk can be found at fosslc, flash is required.


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