Mapping Party Cakes with Cake-Maker

Posted: June 13, 2011 in openstreetmap
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An OpenStreetMap ‘cake’ is a map, used for a mapping party, where the map is divided into ‘cake slices’. Each slice of the cake is assigned to a mapper who will map it during the mapping party. By dividing an area into cake slices you can avoid mappers duplicating effort.

cake-maker is a script I wrote that uses Mapnik to take an .OSM file containing cake boundaries and produces one map file centered and zoomed to each cake slice.

map with cake slices

A cake map (CCBYSA OSM & Contributors

Cake-maker will create an index map showing the complete ‘cake’ along with openstreetmap data for the area.

Walkingpapers is a great site but there is no easy way to overlay cake boundaries on top of the walkingpapers maps. It is also a pain to manually create 30 different walking papers maps each centered on a different cake slice. cake-maker solves this problem by also creating an individual PNG and SVG map centered on each cake slice.


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