Denver Day 3, hiking

Posted: September 13, 2011 in openstreetmap
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Monday was an off day for me. FOSS4G has started but is running workshops on Monday and Tuesday. I decided not to signup for any workshops and instead played tourist. The plan for Monday had been to catch a lift to Rocky Mountain National park with a few OSM’ers who were going to be staying overnight near the park. I was going to get a ride back to Denver with another OSMer who had a car.

The thing about plans is that they rarely work as planned. My lift back to Denver had to cancel so I rented my own car intending to meet up with the other OSMers at the park. We never did get never sync’d up so instead I hiked on my own up to Emerald lake, about a 6km round trip hike. The landscape combined with smell of fresh pine was very nice. The terrain reminded me of Banff National park in Canada. The trail I choose is pretty popular (I don’t think I was ever out of eyesight of another hiker for more than a few minutes). The trail was also already well mapped.

After my hike I ventured into the town of Estes Park for lunch. Estes park is a tourist town with a main street that consists of t-shirt shops, candy stores and restaurants. I expected that other OSMers had been through the town mapping earlier in the week but some POI’s might have been missed. I collected a random sampling of tourist centric businesses in the town. Unfortunately my GPS wasn’t recording a GPX trace and I only have the waypoints I captured and my photos. To my surprise (well if I think about it then it makes sense) JOSM can’t sync photos up with GPX waypoints only a trace. This means I will need to come up with a way of converting my collection of waypoints into a track before I can add most of what I captured. It also appears that OSMers were less busy in Estes Park this past week than I was expecting.

Monday night grabbed a seat at the bar in Kattie Mullen’s, a pub attached to the conference hotel, and it didn’t take long for few of the FOSS4G folks at the bar to introduce ourselves and start up a conversation.

I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon sitting outside the conference rooms at the Sheraton surrounded by geo people working on laptops and talking about feature ideas to there respective open-source projects.

  1. Jake Keelerz says:

    beautiful photos.. i’ve been hiking around there and its awesome.. just thought i’d say hi

    My Site: Atlas Safe Patient Lifting

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